Oktober 2014 Donation

Oktober 2014 Donation

9 jahreVor 11 0 3057

We are happy to announce that $150 were denotaed to Michael’s Dream Foundation. Here you can see the receipt: Thank you so much for your donation to Michael’s Dream Foundation! Every penny goes into the foundation to help children all around the world. *************************************** Please accept this as your official donation receipt: Donor: Rescue Coin Amt. Donated: $150.00 USD Fund Allocation: General FUnd Date: October 8, 2014 Major love & thanks, From your team at Michael’s Dream Foundation! 501(c)3 Tax ID 45-4714638

September 2014 Donation

9 jahreVor 12 0 2486

We are happy to announce that $150 were put on our Kiva.org account. In the next 2 days we will decide to whom the loan/loans go to. The Kiva.org page is http://www.kiva.org/team/rescuecoin


August 2014 Donation

9 jahreVor 10 0 2584

We are happy to announce that 500€ were donated to “Childrens Future Organisation Kinderdorf Nepal” http://www.cfo-kinderdorf-nepal.de/index.php/home-en.html