Frequently asked questions

Is the coin pre-mined?

Yes, see the topic “Pre-Mining” in the “Wallet” area

Is there a blockchain explorer available?

Yes, there are a few! Alt Explorer – Crypto Pool Explorer

Are you on any exchanges?

Yes, we are on

How long do confirmations take?

A full 4 confirmations takes routhly 8 minutes. Beacuese we have maximum 4 confirmations for RescueCoin transactions

How many total RescueCoins will be created?

There won’t be a maximum. 100 million Coins will be created after 1.000.000 blocks. Afterwards only 5 Coins per Block will be created.

How often is a new RescueCoin block created?

A new RescueCoin block is created roughly every 120 seconds.

Not answered Questions?

If there is any question, which is not answered by out FAQ, so don´t hesitate to contact us right here.